Thorsten Kegler

At this point just some information about me.

My name is Thorsten and I discovered surfing in the early 90’s.

With my then green VW bus, I spent every imaginable free time in southern France and northern Spain. With a surfboard not suitable for beginners and no internet knowledge, they searched for waves and somehow gave their best to ride the waves of the Atlantic.

But in the mid-90s I turned my back on this sport and devoted myself entirely to snowboarding and the mountains.

In 1999 the turning point came again. I sold all my belongings, moved into a Mercedes bus and headed back to the sea.
2-week surf course, 2 months between France and Portugal and 3 months in a row in Costa Rica. And that was just the beginning of a journey of no return to Germany.

This was followed by a surf sport companion training and many years of experience in various surf camps, as well as surf trips and surf guiding around the world.

I concentrated on the advanced training, developed my own concept and stayed true to my line: to impart knowledge to surfers after they have started surfing.

With my „Secret Surf Travel“ project, I would like to take you on a journey into the world of surfing, improve and build up your skills, give tips and above all point the way to becoming an independent surfer.

“ No matter how good a surfer is, there is always one point or another that can be improved. „

After more than 10 Years Stand UP Paddle Schools – Shop – Rentals and Trainings in Germany and Europe i decided to live in Sagres / Portugal.

The “ Algarve Surf House “ Project was always a dream that looks like its coming up now.

Also with the ” Algarve Board Rentals ” I will keep going the rental and shop story in d SUP and Surf .

So here we go and Join the Algarve with us.